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This page showcases some examples and real-world pages. All of these pages - including this one - were made with 9Blox.com!

Just look around and get some ideas. You can build similar pages yourself and for free!

Store your instructions

I created a page to hold all the instructions/manuals of electronic devices etc which I may need one day. I uploaded the instructions to the page, created the QR code to each block that holds an instruction and printed and attached that QR code to the respective device.

Each time I need to look at the instruction/manual of a device, I just scan the QR code with my mobile and can directly access it.

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Image/File

Things for sale

Create a simple page to describe what you have for sale. Add an image block with a picture, maybe a countdown to show when the offer expires, and a contact block. Print the QR code pointing to this page and share it everywhere (at the local supermarket, at lamp posts, on flyers, ...)

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Image/File, Contact via email, possibly Countdown, possibly YouTube, possibly Contact form. You could even add a Payment methods block to allow direct payment.

DJ playlist

Use this e.g. for a party: Create a page that contains some instructions and a voting block. Lock the page and display it, e.g. on a tablet. Also share the QR code which points to it.

Let users add their song requests.

The DJ can see the page on his own mobile phone. He unlocks the page for himself and can update the song list (e.g. remove items) if needed.

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Voting system, possibly QR code

You can enhance this by adding an iFrame integration block that automatically displays photos from an album in Flickr, which can even be uploaded during the party from the Flickr App. See here for more info.

Window display

Take a tablet or monitor and display a page in your store front / shop window /... Set the browser to "full screen" (hit F11)

Set the page to "auto-refresh" via the menu, then lock the page and remember the link and password.

You can unlock the page on a different computer (or phone) and update the information remotely.

  • Sample page
  • Level: Medium
  • Needed block types: Text, possibly QR Code, Map, Countdown.
  • Use auto-refresh feature

You can also add an iFrame integration block that automatically displays photos from an album in Flickr, e.g. from products you sell. See here for more info. However, then visitors should also be able to see your site on their own devices (so add a QR code block) in order to see all pictures.

Donation page

So you are a street artist, you are collecting donations or you are selling stuff on a flea market?

Build a simple donation page, print it's QR code (via icon 'Share', then 'Share as QR code') and put it on display.

People can scan the QR code with their mobile phone, visit your page and pay you in various ways, e.g. via Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal or Revolut...

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Payment methods, possibly QR code

As a street musician, you could e.g. also enhance this with a voting system block.

Flea market

If you just want to point out digital payment options, create one page with a Payment methods block. Choose the payment methods you want to accept (see more info when you add that block type), and then print the QR code pointing to your page so people can scan it with their mobile phone and then pay you digitally.

  • Sample page
  • Level: Easy
  • Needed block types: Text, Payment methods

Value from Drive

This block displays a value from a public Google sheet as a big number which is then automatically updated.
Enter a short headline (optional) and the key to your public Google sheet plus the sheet name and the range of the cell with the value. Click here for detailed instructions.
This block type requires a premium access.


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