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This feature is still in work. You can play around with it; you will not get charged. For now all premium features are available for free. You can even use the test credit card number '4242 4242 4242 4242'. (Frank Dux, May 2022)

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9blox.com is free to use for most functions, but for some minor features you need a premium access for the page ID.

There is a 7 day trial available for free (but only once per page ID).
Start premium mode for 31 days (1 EUR)
Start premium mode for 365 days (10 EUR)
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How do I pay? Please pay with a credit card or Google/Apple Pay. The subscription will start immediately. Your payment will be processed via Stripe, a well-known card processing company. No credit card data will be stored on our servers.

Why do I have to pay? Running this website incurs some costs (server etc), so there is a minor charge for some features. Note that - after subtracting the Stripe fees - about 70 Euro cents remain for a 31 day subscription, and 9.46 EUR for a 365 day subscription.

Can I have my own subdomain? Yes. Your site could be reached under an address such as my_site.9blox.com, e.g. info.9blox.com. Please contact me if you are interested in this feature; this comes at a separate price (about 15 EUR/year).

Can I have my own domain? Yes. Register your domain (website) at any domain provider (just google) and configure there a redirection to your site's URL (as displayed in the Share menu). Charges are roughly 1-2 EUR/USD or more a month, depending on the domain provider.
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